The purpose of this meditation is to generate the awareness of the consequences of our actions and to make a strong determination to only create positive actions – and then to think about this in terms of Bodhichitta, the wish to become enlightened for the benefit of all living beings.

I began by sitting comfortably and relaxing my body with breathing meditation. I focused my attention on the skin of my body, and confined any thoughts to the present moment, and within my skin. Whenever a thought arose about the future, or the past, or about something outside my body, I left it alone and it faded. After a while, I brought my attention further in, to my heart, and then to the very centre of my heart. There I found my Guru, and I focused my attention on his heart, and brought his heart and my heart to the same place, so that they were exactly co-incident. I felt his warmth, love, stability and stillness fill my mind, and I remained in this blissful state for a while.

I then thought about Karma. We must believe in karma if we are to be free and happy. Karma is a deeply hidden object – we cannot see it with our eyes but we can understand it with our wisdom. I thought of how karma is like a deep underwater current going from one continent to the other. Objects lost on the shore of one continent are transported deep underwater to the shores of the other. Through this process we can understand the existence of the current, even though we cannot see it directly.

Staying with a water theme, I then thought about the waves we make when we walk through waist-deep water. The waves radiate out like the consequences of our actions, and I saw that the waves radiating in front of me will rebound off a distant wall and come back for me to pass through and experience. This was a way of understanding how the consequences of our actions come back to us.

As I thought about this analogue I saw that if we create evil actions – the causes of suffering, we not only affect ourselves in the future, but we affect everyone around us right now. Actions of anger, jealousy, pride and attachment harm the people around us straight away. Likewise, virtuous actions of giving, moral discipline, patience, effort, concentration and wisdom benefit others around us straight away.

I thought about this image and how the waves of my actions radiate out and harm or benefit myself and others, and I felt a great sense of responsibility for my actions. I resolved to create only pure actions, beneficial actions. I imagined radiating out only virtuous waves of actions, and felt a very deep sense of peace and virtue. I tried to get to know this feeling intimately, so that I was very familiar with it. It was accompanied by the most lovely peaceful feeling, and I stayed with this for a while.

After this, I thought about Bodhichitta. This is the wish to become a Buddha for the benefit of all. WHAT a wave to create! And the more powerful the wave I create now, the quicker I will experience its effects. Plus, it will have a supramundane effect on others around me.

I returned to my previous feeling of creating virtuous waves, but with the exponentially more powerful thought of the wave of Bodhichitta, and I re-established my profoundly happy feeling from before. I stayed with this for the rest of the meditation.


May all living beings become aware of the consequences of their actions, and resolve to create virtuous waves for the sake of themselves and all others without exception.

Practice in the Meditation Break

I will try to make sure all my actions are motivated by Bodhichitta today, because the results are what I want.