The purpose of this meditation is to think deeply about the benefits of cherishing others, and to reach a firm conclusion that this is what we need to do with our lives. We then think about what this means in terms of Bodhichitta.

I began by thinking about how the thin pleasures of samsara are ultimately meaningless. There is no real happiness or satisfaction in my uncontrolled mind – I need to master my mind and attain freedom from samsara. I decided to meditate with all my effort on cherishing others, and holding that determination in mind, I moved on.

I needed to transition into a more focused state of mind before the main meditation, so I concentrated first on my body, relaxing each part in turn as I breathed in and out. Once my body was relaxed, I turned my attention inwards to my heart, and let my focus rest on the point at the very centre of my heart, where I imagined my Guru sitting on a lotus. I came closer and closer until I felt that we were superimposed upon each other, and then we mixed completely like water mixed with water, our minds completely one. I felt his supreme stillness and mental stability fill my mind, and I rested there, unmoving, for a while…

I then thought about cherishing others. All the happiness in the world comes from cherishing others. I thought about my wishes for this life. I want to have meaningful relationships with others. I don’t want to be a spectator in this life, and find at the end that I was merely watching the years go by. I want to mesh with others – be part of them. I think this will bring true meaning to my life. How should I do this? Self-cherishing is not the basis upon which to do this. Self-cherishing is the path to isolation, not the path to others.

I felt like I could see my cherishing love spread out to others, and through this I could become mixed with them – form deep and meaningful relationships with them, and grow spiritually with them. I know that this is the way to achieve my wishes for this life. I focused on this feeling of cherishing others, and how it will fulfil my wishes, and felt a deep warm glowing feeling of love for others. When this had established, I focused on it for a while…

After that, I wondered what this meant in terms of Bodhichitta.

Bodhichitta is dependent upon its parts. Cherishing others is an essential part of Bodhichitta. It seemed to me that just as you can’t have a wave without water, you cannot have Bodhichitta without the mind which cherishes others. If I can establish a mind which cherishes others constantly, then Bodhichitta will naturally arise in my mind without effort. Cherishing others is the path to Bodhichitta, and with this wonderful thought, I returned to my mind which cherished others completely and enjoyed that blissful feeling for the rest of my meditation.


May all living beings cherish others, and may Bodhichitta arise in their minds, propelling them to perfect and complete enlightenment.

Practice in the Meditation Break

I will cherish others with all my heart, and recognise that cherishing others will make my life meaningful, and allow me to die without regrets.