The purpose of this meditation is to generate a sincere wish for others to be free of their suffering, and then to consider what this means in light of Bodhichitta.

I began by bringing to mind how I am tired of being a samsaric being. I want my suffering to end – I want this continual experience of suffering to come to an end. To achieve this, I decided to meditate on compassion with my full attention, and bring it to an end as quickly as possible.

With this intention, I started the process by doing breathing meditation and bringing my mind into my heart, mixing it with my Guru’s stability and stillness until my mind was calm and peaceful.

I then thought about Great Compassion. Although compassion is ultimately powerful, it does not arise through its own power. It arises through the power of love and the power of the contemplation of the suffering of others. Therefore, I began by thinking about my cherishing love for others. Once I had established a mind which considered others to be important, and which considered others’ freedom and happiness to be important, I held it there for a while.

I then thought about all the suffering that others have to endure. All the problems and troubles they have to face. These people are all my kind mothers, who have been so kind to me in the past. I let the ideas of them being very kind and them suffering grow in my mind, and out of that mix arose the wish for them to be free from their suffering. Once this had arisen, I focused on it for a while.

Then, I thought about what this means in terms of Bodhichitta. As with most of the recent meditations, it was completely clear to me how Bodhichitta depends on compassion. Compassion is the wish for all living beings to be freed from their suffering, and Bodhichitta is the wish to attain enlightenment so that I can free all living beings from their suffering. Bodhichitta is born out of great compassion. With this in mind, I returned to my compassionate wish that all other living beings be freed from their suffering.


Through the virtues I have gathered here, may all living beings develop great compassion, and quickly generate the precious Bodhichitta, the quickest way to attain enlightenment.

Practice in the Meditation Break

I will try to maintain compassion for all others, even towards those whose actions make compassion a challenge to generate.