The purpose of this meditation is to generate a strong wish to become an actual Buddha.

I started by clearing my mind and  focusing on how samsara is full of disappointments for myself and all living beings.  I developed the wish to bring this to an end, and resolved to engage in meditation to bring this closer.

I then did relaxation meditation for a while, mentally dwelling in each part of my body and relaxing all the muscles in those areas. When my body was all relaxed and floaty, I moved on to bring my mind into my heart and imagined it becoming more and more focused

I then mentally reviewed my wishing love, based on equanimity, affectionate love and cherishing love. I thought of my children, and how I naturally want to protect them from harm. I let this feeling grow into the wish for them to experience happiness all the time. I then asked how I can achieve this? The only way I can actually do this is to transcend this body and mind, and become a Buddha, with the power to protect my children of this life, and my children of all my lives. I thought about this again and again, and felt the firm wish to become enlightened for their sake, so I can fulfil my wish to protect them. When I had a firm feeling, I focused on if for the rest of the meditation.until it became a singularity in the centre of my heart. At that point, I felt it mix with my Guru’s stability and stillness, and I remained in this feeling for a while.


May all living beings find the best way to protect others from harm, and become protector Buddhas for the benefit of all.

Practice in the Meditation Break

I will always remember my wish to become enlightened for the exclusive benefit of others.