The purpose of this meditation is to generate a strong feeling of joy because of our precious human life, and then to contemplate what this means in terms of tranquil abiding – the steady perfect concentration of a Bodhisattva.

I began by thinking about samsara, and how I want my uncontrolled rebirths to come to an end – I made a promise to myself to meditate with strong effort.

I then did breathing meditation for a while, eventually bringing my attention to my heart and mixing my mind with my Spiritual Guide’s mental stability and stillness.

After a while of enjoying this lovely feeling, I moved on to today’s main meditation object – my precious human life. I mentally reviewed all the living things on this earth at the moment. How many animals there are! Mammals, reptiles, birds, insects, fish. Billions upon billions of living things. Why did I not take rebirth as one of these animals, rather than a human? Never mind rebirth – even if we reject the idea of rebirth, why was I born as a human at all! If I have only one life, and not countless lives, why was I born as a human and not a beetle? The answer is that the conditions came together for me to be born as a human, but these conditions had nothing to do with my will – I did not wish to be born as a human, and this wish then produced the result. My rebirths as uncontrolled, and I cannot choose my next rebirth. How rare it is, then, that I have a human life.

Rarer still that I have a human life with all the conditions needed to reach enlightenment. I have Dharma in my life – I have a Dharma Life. Then I thought that although there are many perfect Dharma paths to enlightenment, I have in my possession a Kadam Dharma Life – such a precious presentation which makes so much sense to me in my life.

I rejoiced at my good fortune to have a Kadampa Life, and felt a great swell of happiness and joy – I focused on this with all my attention for the rest of the meditation, trying to ensure that my concentration did not waver, training my mind in tranquil abiding.


May all living beings realise the rarity of their precious human life, and find their perfect path to enlightenment.

Practice in the Meditation Break

I will try to remember to take joy in the very fact of being alive as a human, and dedicate my life to the freedom of all living things.