The purpose of this meditation is to go for refuge purely to the Three Jewels, and to meditate on this with good concentration.

I began by remembering that there is no true happiness to be found anywhere in samsara, and that only liberation and enlightenment are safe from suffering. I promised myself that I would meditate on refuge practice with good concentration.

I did some breathing meditation and then brought to mind my image of the waterfall. The waterfall is vast, stretching from horizon to horizon, and is so high that the bottom of the waterfall cannot be seen. However, it is not water that is flowing over the edge – it is living beings. As they live, they slowly move towards the edge, and when they die, that is the point where they fall over the edge. They fall into the lower realms far, far below.

There is one bridge which leads off from the waterfall’s edge. It is narrow, but it is completely stable, and it leads to a floating platform on which stand representations of Buddha, Dharma and Sangha.

I imagine that I am moving with everyone else towards death, with the danger of falling into the lower realms – and the dread of that still in my mind from yesterday. I move slowly across towards the bridge and imagine in that I step onto the bridge and walk over to the platform where I sit before the representations of the Three Jewels, and promise to rely upon them. I repeated the promise to rely on Buddha – the source of protection, on Dharma – the actual protection, and on Sangha – the skilled helpers who will assist me. I kep thinking about relying upon them, and I felt like I was merging with them. I will become Buddha. I will become Dharma. I will become Sangha. I felt like I was relying upon them and becoming them at the same time. I need nothing else except my refuge – this is all I need. Everything will come if I maintain this strong recognition and wish. All my wishes will come true – it has already started.

I kept this up for the rest of the meditation, and it was lovely.


May all living beings find the Three Jewels in their lives, and rely upon them sincerely for the ultimate benefit of all.

Practice in the Meditation Break

I know that all I need is to rely upon the Guru and the Three Precious Jewels, and all my wishes will be fulfilled.