The purpose of this meditation is to generate the strong feeling of equanimity for all living beings with strong concentration.

I began by making a determination to meditate well on the subject because it is a cause of happiness, and an opponent to the ordinary appearances of samsara.

I started with breathing meditation, and then moved on to the main topic.

I started by thinking about one of the most radical and revolutionary ideas I have ever come across:

Living beings have no faults

Just as we can see that we are not our thoughts, we can deduce that others are not their thoughts either. If we have dharma knowledge we can differentiate between the thought ‘I am angry’ and the thought ‘I have anger temporarily in my mind’. In this way we can free ourselves from identifying with delusions. We can see that we are normally the slave of our delusions, doing their dirty work without choice.

In the same way, we can come to see that others sometimes come under the control of their delusions, and we can correctly say that they have anger in their minds, rather than ‘they ARE angry’.

I considered these points and it seemed to me that as I looked at all other living beings, I could see their delusions separate from their pure nature, and they all became equally lovable, despite their superficial outward behaviours. I focused on this feeling of warmth and love for all living beings for the rest of the meditation.


May all living beings stop identifying with delusions, and begin identifying with their pure inner nature, and become so familiar with it that they abide in its tranquillity permanently.

Practice in the Meditation Break

I will try to remember that when people behave in deluded ways, they are under the control of their delusions and are suffering. They are objects of our compassion rather than our anger.


Just as we can have anger in our minds,