The purpose of this mediation is to mix our mind with a profound feeling of cherishing others, and then to stay with that mind with firm concentration.

I began by clearing my mind of my normal concerns, and thinking about the many faults of samsara. I want to bring samsara to an end and experience true inner peace, and I decided to try my very best to meditate on cherishing others, to achieve freedom, and for the benefit of all other living beings.

fountain-of-lightI then started by dissolving my world and my body into light, and bringing my mind to my heart. I then did breathing meditation until I felt centred. I then mixed my mind with my Guru’s mind and felt still and clear. I enjoyed this lovely feeling for a while, and then moved on.

I started the meditation by thinking about what it means to cherish others. If we feel that others are important in themselves, and that their freedom and happiness are important, then we are cherishing them. I started to think about my family, and how I cherish them effortlessly. I then moved my view out to my friends and neighbours. I don’t cherish them in the same way, but I generated the feeling of cherishing them as if they were my family. I then moved my view out to everyone I know, and again, cherished them. Finally I cherished all living beings in all worlds. In this way, I felt the beauty and harmony of cherishing others, and recognised that this feeling will give me constant happiness. I focused on this beauty for the rest of the meditation.


May all living beings cherish one another, see the importance of the freedom and happiness of others, and become free from the surly bonds of samsara for the benefit of all.

Practice in the Meditation Break

Plenty of opportunity to practice cherishing others today – looking forward to them!