The purpose of this meditation is to generate a wish to exchange self with others – to exchange the object of our self-cherishing (ourself) with other living beings.

I started by making the firm decision to meditate on this because it is the path out of samsara. I generated the wish to become free from samsara for the sake of all living beings, and then free all other living beings.

exchangeWith this intention, I did breathing meditation until my mind was calm and peaceful.

I began by thinking about the negative qualities of self-cherishing. It is a wicked deceiver which convinces us that our own interests are the most important, and blinds us the the consequences of our actions. It makes even out most negative actions seem reasonable to us, so that anyone who disagrees becomes our enemy. It makes our mind hard and inflexible.

The mind that cherishes others is the opposite – it is light and happy, flexible and painless.

I reflected on the differences between these two attitudes, and rested my mind on the wish to enjoy a lovely peaceful mind of cherishing others, and to abandon the mind that only cherishes myself.


May all living beings exchange themselves with others, and discover a new world of inner peace.

Practice in the Meditation Break

I will try to give to others instead of just securing my own resources.