The purpose of this meditation is to generate the firm vision of our ultimate aim: that all living beings shall be free from suffering and experience true lasting happiness.

I started by remembering that samsara’s pleasures are deceptive, bringing no contentment, only suffering. I am tried of this suffering and lack of satisfaction, and I am not prepared to stand by and let others experience it either. I decided that I needed to meditate on giving so that all living beings will be freed from samsara and attain pure lasting happiness. With this motivation, I began my meditation.

I began by settling down and dissolving the world and my room into light. I then dissolved my body into light, so that it was only discernible by the faintest of outlines. I floated in this blissful light for a while, and then focused on my heart, relaxing the tightness there, and bringing all my attention into the very centre of my heart.

There I found my Guru, and I asked him to please allow me to mix my mind with his mind, and experience his bliss. His smiled and indicated that he wanted this too. I then imagined our minds mixing, and immediately I experienced a beautiful feeling of clarity, stability and peace. I focused on this feeling and experience for a while…

mandalaThen the time came to start my main meditation. I imagined all living beings in the world, searching for happiness. I decided that I would turn my body into the nature of a wish fulfilling jewel send out rays of purifying and inspiring light to all living beings. In fact, it appeared to me that my body simply lit up the whole of samsara and instantly all living beings experienced complete happiness.

It struck me that this vision was my mandala offering. In my mandala offering, I imagine a pure land, with the ground sprinkled with perfume and spread with flowers. I imagine this pure land of peace and happiness, and wish that all beings could enjoy such pure lands. Here I am now, creating such a place through taking and giving. I am beginning with the end in mind. Without a clear picture of what I am trying to achieve, how can I ever achieve it?

I let my awareness spread over this pure land and mix with all the living beings there. We all mixed in the experience of pure happiness for the rest of the meditation. It was blissful.


May all suffering cease through the power of my merit, and may all living beings experience happiness and joy.

Practice in the Meditation Break

I will keep my Bodhichitta motivation in mind today, never forget Dorje Shugdan who is creating the conditions for my practice to be successful for the benefit of all living beings, and never forget my Guru at my heart, blessing my mind and inspiring me.