The purpose of this meditation is to recognise and develop a feeling for karma, and then to consider its emptiness.

I began by making the firm decision to try to meditate to the best of my ability, for the sake of all living beings.

I then imagined the world, my room and my body dissolving into light. I brought my attention to the centre of my heart and mixed my mind with my Guru’s stillness and peace. I remained there for a while before moving on.

Food CarryingI started by reminding myself that karma is a special example of the law of cause and effect. Everyone accepts that everything has a cause, and everything creates an effect. All our actions are the causes of all our future experiences. If we create virtuous actions, it is the direct cause of future pleasant experiences and happiness. As I thought this, it struck me that while we create virtuous actions, we should be filled with delight. Just like when we put money into a savings account, we are happy we are doing it even though we are not actually spending the money – which is its actual purpose. In the same way, we can recognise the benefit in creating virtuous actions while we create them. If we remember karma, we can be happy all the time. I rested my mind on this and thought of how the practices of giving, moral discipline, patience, effort, concentration and wisdom can fill us with joy even as we struggle to achieve them. How wonderful!

After a while of looking at this thought, I remembered how all our actions and their results are empty of existing from their own side, and that we can transform everything into a virtuous activity or response. With this, I returned to my wish to remember karma throughout all my actions, and save only virtue in my karma account.


May all living beings create only positive actions, and quickly attain enlightenment for the benefit of all.

Practice in the Mediation Break

I will try to remain mindful of the karmic consequences of my actions, and derive happiness from the practice of virtue.