The purpose of this meditation is to generate a lack of interest in samsara, and a wish to attain liberation from its sufferings.

I started by making a firm decision to try to meditate well on the subject.

I then did some breathing meditation to settle my mind.

I then began the main meditation with a review of just how nasty, brutish and short this life really is. My father is thankfully in good Sillouette Vajrahealth, but as he is 80, most of his peers are either dead or dying or frail. We chase these phantoms of worldly concerns throughout our life only to see, at the end, that phantoms is all they ever were.

Throughout our life we experience sickness, ageing and so many problems. I thought about these problems again and again, and I felt a real disinterest in samsaric pursuits. I am sick and tired of them. I am not interested in them. Even the pleasures that promise so much, and torment us with their charms, only serve to bind us tighter into the barbed wire straps of samsara’s tortures.

I thought of lifting off and away from samsara – to become liberated from these meaningless concerns. I focused on this sincere wish.

I then thought about how all of these problems and suffering are based around my firm conception of ‘I’. I instinctively believe my self to be inherently existent, and ‘my all and everything’. But this seemingly solid ‘me’ does not exist except as a mere appearance. And if it is only an appearance, so to are its experiences. I felt lighter and more peaceful than I have for a long time. I thought ‘I will lift off this plane of samsara, and be at peace in the perfection of wisdom’. I focused on this thought for the rest of the meditation.


May all living beings abide in the perfection of wisdom, and become enlightened for the benefit of all.

Practice in the Meditation Break

I will remember that I am mere appearance, and set my goal on liberation rather than the concerns of this world.