The purpose of this meditation is to generate the lovely feeling of equanimity, and then to remember that myself, the feeling, and the objects of equanimity are all empty of inherent existence.

I started by making a determination to meditate with good concentration and effort, because my life is quickly slipping away, and although Buddha offers a perfect way to become free from suffering, I don’t have long to follow his path.

cherish yer mateI started by dissolving the world into light – then my room into light – and then my body into light, so that it became translucent and space-like. I then focused my attention at my heart and mixed my mind with my Guru’s mind, floating in his peace and stability for a while before moving on.

I started by thinking about all the people I know, and how they appear in a continuum of guises, running from enemy to dear friend, and everything in between. I thought about how their true nature is really a living being without faults. It seemed to me that all these people were really tied up and gagged behind cardboard cut-outs – their appearances to me. But these appearances are false. In reality, their pure nature is being kept hidden and smothered by their delusions.

I felt like I could reach out and see behind their mere appearance, and relate to the pure beings that are trapped by their delusions. I focused on this feeling of relating to them with warmth and friendliness for a while.

I then recognised that the normal appearances of living beings are empty – empty of existing truly from their own side. By recognising the emptiness of others, I can relate to them with consistency and love, rather than being swayed by their normal appearances. I refocused on my feeling of warmth and friendliness to them.


May all living beings see beyond normal appearances, and develop equanimity towards all other living beings.

Practice in the Meditation Break

I will try to relate to people with warmth and friendliness today, recognising that I am seeing a mere appearance.