The purpose of this meditation is to generate a strong feeling of all living beings having been our mother, while remembering that myself, my mothers and my feelings towards them are empty of inherent existence.

I started by imagining all living beings around me, and all the Buddhas and holy beings in front of us. I imagined that we were all in a pure land, and in essence, composed of wisdom light. In this place, I made the determination to meditate well, for the sake of the freedom of all living beings.

I then did breathing meditation, breathing out my distractions and negative karma, and breathing in good concentration and wisdom. I focused on becoming purer and purer until I felt completely cleansed and pure. I then mixed my mind effortlessly with my Guru’s mind, and meditated for a while.

MumI then thought about how all my experiences are karmic arisings, and that in my karmic reservoir I have the experience of death related to this life. My karma for death was created at the start of this life – death is part and parcel of the ‘human life deal’. I thought of how, after my death, I will take another life. There are seven billion people on the planet – each one has been my mother in the past – each one will be my mother in the future. No-one enters this world without a mother. I thought of all the lives I have lived, each one with a kind mother to cling to. Not to mention lives as animals with my animal mothers.

I recognised that while only an appearance, my mother performs the function of a mother – to produce offspring, to love and be loved. The love is real, although ultimately only an appearance to mind. Yet it has a function to perform. My recognition of past and future lives, of all living beings being my mother, and their ultimate nature, will all function to set me free of samsara, and lead all living beings to that same state.

With all this in mind, I refocused on the recognition that all living beings are fundamentally my mother, and kept that awareness for the rest of the meditation.


May all my mothers find peace and tranquillity in the perfection of wisdom – the true nature of all phenomena.

Practice in the Meditation Break

I will look upon others and remember ‘you are my mother’.