The purpose of this meditation is to contemplate the meaning of Lamrim in terms of emptiness.

I began by making appropriate preparations for meditation, and then started by thinking once more about the nature and function of Lamrim. Buddha gave many instructions on how to control our deluded minds, and Lamrim is a special presentation of these instructions. It lays out the Dharma in an easy to understand progression which shows how the instructions are complementary to one another, and how each one is essential.

black outline haloI thought about how fortunate we are to have these instructions in this world, and how we should strive to understand them and put them into practice.

After a while, I thought about how all these instructions are empty of inherent existence. Many people look at these instructions, and see nothing special. Some people see something useful, but then lose interest. If the instructions were inherently valuable, everyone would recognise their importance immediately and follow them. It is because of our karma that we see the instructions for what they are – a pathway out of suffering.

I contemplated this emptiness of Lamrim, and gained a special feeling. I recognised that although they are a mere appearance, they function as a method for escaping samsara, and I developed the determination to practice them sincerely.


May all living beings see the truth of Kadam Dharma.

Practice in the Meditation Break

I will practice Lamrim while remembering that I, the Lamrim itself and the act of practising all lack inherent existence.