The purpose of this meditation is to try and understand the preciousness of our human life in terms of relying upon our Spiritual Guide.

I engaged in the appropriate preparations before starting the main meditation.

I began by thinking about how precious human life can be. We have good conditions for spiritual practice. We have teachers, centres and Dharma books. We have time to study and practice. We can make progress and we can attain enlightenment. Our precious human life has been compared to a boat which can carry us across the ocean of samsaric suffering to the shores of enlightenment. I thought about these points again and again, and felt a deep appreciation for how fortunate we all are to be born as a human at this time.

sail boatI then thought about my precious Spiritual Guide. He can help me by bestowing blessing, which are like the wind that will propel my boat to enlightenment. I want my boat to move as quickly as possible. I need a big sail. The sail could be like my reliance – the more I rely on my Guru, the more I will be able to receive his blessings. I need a strong wind. Therefore I need to keep requesting his blessings, as much as possible. In this way, my little boat will carry me to enlightenment through complete reliance upon my Spiritual Guide.

I focused on this image for the rest of the meditation.


May all living beings recognise their precious human life, and not waste it, but use it to reach the shores of enlightenment.

Practice in the Meditation Break

I will try to remember to request my Guru’s blessings constantly, and rely upon him to propel me to enlightenment.