The purpose of this meditation is to make the determination to gather virutous energy in our minds and to purify our negative energy. We then rely upon our Spiritual Guide to enable us to do this.

I made the usual preparations for meditation, and then began by remembering that the scientific process involves the observation of natural phenomena, and then the derivation of explanations, which are then tested through further observations or, if possible, experimentation. How is it that when we say harsh words to someone else, they hit us and cause us pain? How can our mere words end up with the experience of physical pain? These two things are very different, and yet they are obviously part of the same continuum. They are the same ‘energy stream’, if I can use that unsatisfactory term. How is it that our words cause us pain?

The scientific explanation is that of karma and intention. Because of our uncontrolled mind lacking wisdom, we generate a harmful intention. This intention generates harmful words which cause negative imprints to be laid down in our mind. These imprints are like seeds which later grow and bear fruit in the form of harmful experiences.

white mountainThis is a scientific explanation because it corresponds with observations. The underlying mechanism, karma, cannot be observed directly, but it is not unusual for a process to be scientifically understood without a precise understanding of the underlying mechanism. The precise method by which many drugs work is not understood fully, and yet we administer them because we know the cause and effect of the remedy – and that is enough. We do not say ‘Ah – Doctor! You do not understand how this drug works, so I forbid you from using it!’ We say ‘We do not understand quite how this drug works, but we will use it because we know it DOES work’.

In the samy way, we can accept the law of karma as true, and have faith in it, because its principles hold true evey though we cannot see karma directly. Buddhism is so practical!

I thought about these points, and thought about my mind being a collection of these karmic seeds, like black pebbles (negative) and white pebbles (positive). I looked and I saw that I had a mountain of black pebbles in my mind! I decided that I would gather white pebbles only from now on, and purify the black pebbles constantly. I looked and I saw a load of white pebbles appear on the mountain, and some of the black pebbles disappear. I imagined this happening again and again, and slowly I saw a white mountain of virtuous karma grow, so that eventually all the black pebbles were gone, and my white mountain grew more and more.

Eventually the white mountain became a crytsal of wisdom light, and I thought ‘This is me – I am wisdom light’. It struck me that this is inevitable. If I keep on accumulating virtue, my mind cannot help but transform into a Buddha’s mind. It is unavoidable.

I focused on the wish to gather virtuous actions and to purify negativity each and every moment – I rested my mind on this for a while.

I then imagined my Guru sitting on top of my white mountain of virtue – it is through his instructions that the mountain can grow. Through reliance upon him, I can gather virtue and purify my negativity. I brought into my mind a sincere appreciation of his help, and determined to gather and purify through reliance upon him. This was my final object of meditation, and I focused on it for the rest of the meditation.


May all living beings gather virtue and purify negativity, and may their minds transform into wisdom jewels for the benefit of all.

Practice in the Meditation Break

I will use my wisdom to perform virtuous actions and to purify my negativities.