The purpose of this meditation is to generate a lovely even feeling of warmth and friendliness towards all other living beings in conjunction with reliance upon our Spiritual Guide.

Mother and toddlerI began by making the appropriate preparations for meditation, and then started off by thinking about the people I know who I would categorise as enemies, strangers and friends.

If I consider that everyone is, in essence, my Spiritual Guide, then I can view them as each teaching me difference aspects of the path, and allowing me to develop good qualities. My enemies give me the opportunity to practice patience and non-attachment. People I don’t know very well teach me of emptiness, and my friends allow me to develop my love and compassion.

I focused on the understanding that these three groups of people can all help me, and remembered that whenever I associate with others, I should view myself as the lowest of all. With this in mind, I generated a warm and friendly feeling towards all living beings while remembering that they are all, in essence, my Spiritual Guide. I really tried to generate genuine warmth and friendliness in my heart. It slowly became stronger until I was filled with a lovely feeling of happiness, love and the wish to help others.

I focused on this feeling for the rest of the meditation.


May all living beings develop true equanimity for everyone, and quickly attain enlightenment.

Practice in the Mediation Break

I will remember how all living beings can be my Spiritual Guide and use the opportunity to develop patience, non-attachment, the correct view of emptiness, love and compassion.