Chapter 9 – Wisdom

Buddha taught all the method practices explained above

To enable us to complete the training in the wisdom realising emptiness

Therefore those who wish to liberate themselves and others from suffering

Should strive to develop this wisdom


The two truths are explained as conventional truth and ultimate truth

Ultimate truth, emptiness, is a non-affirming negative phenomenon

That cannot be directly realised by a mind that has dualistic appearance

For such minds are conventional, and thus wrong awareness.


Of those who assert the two truths, two types of person can be distinguished:

Madhyamika-Prasangika Yogis and proponents of things.

The views of proponents of things, who assert that things are truly existent

Are refuted by the logical reasoning of the Prasangika Yogis


Moreover, among the Prasangika Yogis there are different levels of insight

Those with greater understanding surpassing those with lesser understanding

All establish their view through valid analytical reasoning

Giving and so forth are practised without investigation for the sake of the resultant Buddhahood.