The purpose of this meditation is to start to break our selfish actions by making the determination to perform all actions for the sake of others as well as ourselves, and then to consider this in light of the practice of reliance upon the Spiritual Guide.

I began by making the appropriate preparations for meditation and then started by recalling the fact that all living beings are my mother and that they have been (and continue to be) very kind to me.

Fridge transformedI thought about how this meditation is about how I need to start acting in an appropriate way in the meditation break, based on this recognition. Normally when I engage in actions, it is purely for my own mundane benefit. When I get something to eat or drink from the fridge, it is to satisfy my own hunger or thirst – nothing more. What I SHOULD be doing is thinking firstly about how this action could be performed so that others benefit. I could get some food for someone else too, or, if there is no-one else around, I could simply generate the wish that all living beings could have food and not go hungry or thirsty. At the same time, I should think ways in which the act of eating or drinking can be transformed into the spiritual path. I could think that this action of getting food and eating it is like medicine for me, curing my hunger and keeping my body healthy so it can engage in meditation. Or I could offer the food and drink to my Spiritual Guide at my heart, or generate myself as a tantric deity and offer the food to myself.

I settled on the need to always think of others and myself when eating and drinking. I mixed my mind with this wish, and it became a very firm determination which I focused on by repeating the words ‘others and myself’, until the feeling was firm.

After a while, I wondered what this meant in terms of reliance upon my Spiritual Guide. I immediately thought that this practice is completely against what my ordinary view would be. I would never, ever have come up with this practice on my own. I owe this and all my other qualified spiritual practices to the kindness of my Spiritual Guide. With this gratitude in mind, I returned to my wish to think of others, and then myself, when I eat or drink.


Through the virtues I have collected through this meditation, may all living beings always have enough to eat and drink, and never go hungry or thirsty, and may they find a qualified Spiritual Guide who will show them the path to Enlightenment.

Practice in the Meditation Break

I will think of others and myself (in terms of spiritual benefit rather than mundane satisfaction) whenever I eat or drink.