The purpose of this meditation is to generate a lovely feeling of cherishing all other living beings, and then to consider what this means in light of reliance upon my Spiritual Guide.

I began by making the appropriate preparations, and then started to think about the advantages of cherishing others. By cherishing others I will develop my cherishing love and my wishing love for others. I will develop strong compassion for others, and from there I will develop strong bodhichitta. This will enable me to attain enlightenment, and will enable me to free all living beings from their sufferings.

I thought of the poem ‘Eight Verses of Training the Mind’ where it says

With the intention to attain
The precious supreme goal
That surpasses even the wish-granting jewel
May I constantly cherish all living beings

The ‘ultimate supreme goal’ is enlightenment itself. In the past there were actual wish granting jewels, which had the power to give the owner any happiness or possession they wished.

We still have them in this world now.

euromillionsThey are called ‘winning lottery tickets’.

With a winning lottery ticket, of say £27 million, like the Euromillions rollover at the weekend, you could do pretty much anything any human could do in this world. But like the wish granting jewels of ancient times, the money will disappear when we die, and in our next life we will have nothing.

I thought about these points over and over again. It seemed like cherishing love was the starting point of a process which would make me happier and happier, and would result in others being happier and happier. This happiness is pure and everlasting – it will last for life after life until I attain the pure happiness of enlightenment for the benefit of all.

I focused on this feeling of radiating cherishing love for all living beings, and mentally bathed in its beauty for a while.

I then thought about what this all means in terms of reliance upon a Spiritual Guide. It is fair to say that without Dharma, I too would be wishing to win the lottery. I would see it as my only way to fulfil all my wishes. But thanks to my Spiritual Guide, I know there is something even more precious than the Euromillions jackpot. Something that I can attain through my own effort rather than relying upon luck. I can attain pure happiness not only for myself, but for all living beings.

I thought of how fortunate I am to have met my Spiritual Guide, and to be able to follow his instructions to engage in cherishing love for others. I made the determination to cherish others completely, and once again generated a lovely feeling of radiating cherishing love for everyone – their happiness and freedom are the most important thing to me. I focused on this for the rest of the meditation.


May all living beings will the ultimate lottery – become a qualified disciple and find a qualified Spiritual Guide who will guide them along the path of cherishing to the ultimate supreme goal.

Practice in the Meditation Break

I will feel my cherishing love radiate towards all living beings constantly.