The purpose of this meditation is to reach a conclusion about the relative merits of cherishing our self as opposed to cherishing others, and then to consider what this means in terms of reliance upon the Spiritual Guide.

I began by making the appropriate preparations, and then started by reminding myself of the disadvantages of self-cherishing.

Self-cherishing causes me to develop delusions, whose only purpose is to cause harm to myself and others.

Cherishing others is a cause of pure happiness for myself and others.

I thought about all the reasons I know for why these two statements are true, and I compared how I feel when I am strongly self-cherishing and how I feel when I am cherishing others. When I am cherishing others, I feel happy and they feel happy – I feel connected with them, not isolated. I feel worthwhile and my life seems meaningful.

top of the mountainI thought about how if I cherish others, I can be happy all the time. My happiness will come from my feeling of cherishing others, rather than through the acquisition of possessions, experiences, or others. It seemed so pure, so meaningful, that I determined to only cherish others from now on. I will look outwards, and try to forget all about my self.

I settled into a feeling of looking outwards, like looking out from the top of a mountain – of course, when one does this, one can’t see the mountain, only the beautiful view! I focused on this idea of looking outwards and cherishing others completely. I felt lovely and filled with happiness and freedom. I tried to keep my attention on this feeling for a while.

I then thought about what this means in terms of reliance upon my Spiritual Guide. It is certainly true that this concept of cherishing others goes against what we are normally encouraged to do in life. However, whenever there is a ‘good news’ story in the papers, it always seems to be about how people have acted selflessly or cared for others in an altruistic way. This tells me that instinctively, we all know that being kind, looking after others and loving others selflessly is a good thing. This is what my Guru teaches, but in a structured and logical manner, leading to a supreme attainment.

With this thought that I can rely upon my Spiritual Guide because what he is teaching is what we all know to be true, deep down, I renewed my determination to look outwards and cherish others as supreme.


May all living beings find happiness in cherishing others, and may they become Buddhas for the benefit of all.

Practice in the Meditation Break

I will try to maintain an outward looking view, like a climber who has reached the summit of a mountain, and now can only see the beautiful view.