The purpose of this meditation is to generate the strong belief that we have taken away all the sufferings of all other living beings, and in doing so, we have destroyed our own self-cherishing, meaning that we ourselves also experience no suffering. We then contemplate what this means in terms of reliance upon our Spiritual Guide.

I began by making the appropriate preparations, and then re-established my feeling of cherishing love for all living beings. I then developed compassion for them – I love them more than I love myself, and I cannot bear the meaningless suffering they have to endure. From this thought I started wish that I could actually take away their suffering. I imagined all their suffering like black smoke swirling around them. I imagined that it left all suffering beings and they immediately experienced bliss – a complete lack of suffering for the first time. Even those in samsara who have the best conditions possible experienced a complete transformation of how they felt.

black smokeThe black smoke concentrated into my heart, and I also imagined that all my own future suffering came into my heart. I imagined it becoming smaller and more concentrated until it became a singularity at the centre of my heart, and became so strong that it had the power to destroy my self-cherishing. I concentrated on the belief that I had freed everyone else from their suffering and that I had destroyed the cause of my own suffering – my self-cherishing.

I focused on this and I was filled with a completely blissful feeling of being free from suffering and of all other living things being freed from suffering. We were all raised to a level of bliss beyond anything anyone in samsara could imagine existed. I concentrated on this idea and the feeling became stronger and stronger. I remained in this state of bliss for a while.

I then thought about what this means in terms of reliance upon the Spiritual Guide.

My ability to develop this sublime mind is entirely dependent upon my Spiritual Guide, who gave instructions on this practice. He received them from his Spiritual Guide, who in turn received them from a long lineage of Guru’s beginning with Buddha Shakyamuni himself. My Spiritual Guide gives me access to the wisdom of Buddha, and teaches me the Spiritual Path. He opens the door to these sublime minds of love and compassion. With all this in mind, I returned to my feeling of bliss, believing that I had freed all living beings from their suffering.


May all living beings be freed from their suffering, and attain the bliss of perfect freedom and enlightenment.

Practice in the Meditation Break

I will maintain the sincere, heartfelt wish for everyone I meet today to be freed from even the slightest suffering.