A daily Lamrim practice generally involves engaging in a meditation session every day on one of the Lamrim meditation objects – our precious human life, death and so on up to reliance upon a Spiritual Guide. These meditations are all explained in the New Meditation Handbook – click the image on the left hand side of this page for more information. Kadampa practitioners meditate on these objects in turn, and at the end of the cycle, after 21 days, they begin once more with the first object – precious human life.

books-nmh-frontRegular readers of the blog will know that my current daily practice has been to meditate on one Lamrim object and then (in the same meditation session) contemplate its meaning in light of one of the other Lamrim objects. As there are 21 Lamrim objects, this ‘cycle of cycles project’ takes 441 meditations or days to complete.

Today is a big day for the Daily Lamrim blog because it marks the completion of this ‘cycle of cycles’ meditation project. It all started here in this post in November 2011!

I am happy that I have had the conditions needed over the past year or so to be able to complete my project. I am also very happy that it seems to have given others the wish to begin a daily practice themselves – see my posts on this subject here. And I am especially grateful for all the comments, support and encouragement you have given me over that time. I dedicate all the virtues I have collected to everyone who visited, commented or followed this blog, and to all other living beings – may we all attain enlightenment for the benefit of all.

I remember before I began the blog that I had alot of difficulty establishing a daily practice, and it seemed to me that even completing one cycle in 21 consecutive days was almost impossible. I now feel that my meditation practice is so firmly embedded in my daily routine that it would be unthinkable to miss it out. I feel very fortunate to have stumbled upon a way of motivating myself to establish and maintain a daily meditation practice – the obligation to post a record of the meditation (almost) every day has been the key to establishing such a stable practice.

What’s Next?

My purpose in doing the project was to gain a good understanding of all the Lamrim objects, and I believe that I have succeeded in that aim.

What I have been wanting to do for a while now is to deepen my familiarity with each of the objects. To enable me to do this, I have decided to spend a week on each of the meditation objects – a sort of retreat on each of the objects in turn. I hope that by the end of each week, I will have a deep experience of each object.

This will take 21 weeks – to approximately the 9th of June 2013.

After that… well, let’s wait and see.

In the meantime, I will be posting every day. I don’t know whether the meditations will be sufficiently different to warrant a daily post, but I will start off like that, and we shall see what happens.

As always, thanks for following the blog, and please let me know what you think of my next meditation project!

Love Vide