The purpose of this meditation is to make the firm determination to practice Dharma so we can take advantage of the co-incidence of many conditions which make Dharma practice possible for us.

I began by making the appropriate preparations for meditation and then setted down to think about all the conditions which I have which mean that I can practice Dharma.

I have been born into a stable time without war and other disruption. I have been born in a place which is free from famine and starvation. I am free from poverty and from great riches, both of which would make it difficult to practice Dharma initially. I have a relatively healthy body and mind. I have been born at a time when there is Dharma in the world. I am open minded, which allowed me to look into Dharma with a balanced view, rather than rejecting it out of hand, as many of my acquaintances do. I am in a place where there are Dharma centres, teachers and friends. I have access to Dharma books and information on the internet.

Dharna BridgeI thought about all these conditions and was aware of many more. They have all come together like parts of a bridge. In previous lives these parts have been absent, or perhaps not correctly aligned at the same time. But now, here, in this place, all the conditions are right for me to practice Dharma.

I also recognised that these conditions indicate that my precious human life is dependent-related: it depends on all these other conditions in order for it to function as the opportunity to practice Dharma. In that way, it lacks any existence of its own, but is in fact empty of inherent existence.

I then imagined that I was someone who DOES take advantage of these special circumstances. Someone who DOES practice Dharma continuously. I imagined being someone whose every action is mixed with wisdom, compassion and concentration. I heart was filled with a lovely feeling of being mixed with Dharma practice, and I could imagine all my actions being mixed with Dharma. It was very pleasant, and I settled on this feeling for the rest of the meditation.


May all living beings experience the co-incidence of conditions conducive to Dharma practice, and having recognised their opportunity, may they cross the bridge of Dharma to enlightenment.

Practice in the Meditation Break

I will try to remember Dorje Shugden in my everyday life – and mix Dharma with all my actions – making virtuous intentions before all my actions, and dedicating my merit to others.