The purpose of this meditation is to encourage ourself to engage in virtuous activities because death is a-coming.

I began by settling down and making the appropriate preparations for meditation. Following this, I thought about how I will definitely die – I revived my understanding from my last meditation and I felt the inevitability of death. I looked at this for a while.

I then thought about how I have no idea when death will come. Although I have plans for the coming year, there is no guarantee that I shall live to see them. Even avoiding illness as a cause of death, I could still die from a million other causes even today!

I have NO IDEA when I shall die.

stepoffcliffIt felt like I was walking towards a cliff edge wearing a blindfold. Most of the time, I just pretend that because I cannot see the cliff, it is not there. What a childish game! At other times, when I have more wisdom, I accept that the cliff is there, but I tell myself that it is a long way away, and certainly no coming today. It is only when I am in meditation, looking clearly at my situation, that I can understand that it is best for me to think that the cliff edge is right here – at my next step.

With this feeling, I can ask myself – have I collected enough merit to safeguard all my future lives? No. Have I subdued my uncontrolled mind and removed all my delusions? No. Have I attained a direct realisation of emptiness? No.

I thought about these points for a while, and realised that I need to make use of every moment of every day. I can’t wait because death is not waiting – death is coming closer every moment, and I need to use every moment for virtue.

With this thought, I generated a deep wish to use every moment for the practice of the six perfections and the corresponding related Lamrim realisations. ‘I will use every moment for virtue’. I focused on this object for the rest of the meditation.


May I and all living beings stop playing childish games, and realise that death is coming, perhaps even today, and use what little time we have left for virtue.

Practice in the Meditation Break

I will try to use every moment for virtue.