The purpose of this meditation is to develop the wish to really get the most out of every day.

I began by making the appropriate preparations, and then started by remembering the past few meditations where I contemplated three points:

  • I am certain to die
  • I have no idea when I shall die
  • At the time of death, only Dharma will be of any use

I thought about these points for a short while, and then thought about how as each and every day goes by, death is definitely coming closer. Although I may die at any time from accidents, even if I manage to avoid these causes of death, demise from old age draws nearer with each passing day.

I thought about how each day that passes brings me 24 hours closer to death. However far away it may be, it is now 24 hours closer than yesterday.

PlanI rested on this thought and it seemed like I was on an unstoppable travellator moving down a corridor to the dark end.

I decided that I need to make sure that I get an equivalent amount of spiritual value out of each day. From now on I shall have a plan. I will have a piece of paper with me which has the six perfections listed (along with refuge). Alongside each perfection there will be six boxes. It will be my aim and duty to perform actions which permit me to tick off all 42 boxes by bedtime each day.

I settled on this intention, and it seemed to me that I could definitely get the most out of each day if I did this. I concentrated on this wish, and felt a deep sense of wishing to get the most out of each and every day.


May all living beings develop a plan for getting the most out of each day, and when death comes, be able to transform it into the path to enlightenment.

Practice in the Meditation Break

I will use my plan.