The purpose of this meditation is to generate a strong wish to engage in the three practices: practising virtue, abandoning non-virtue and purifying negativities.

I started by making the appropriate preparations for meditation and then contemplated how when the oil in a lamp runs out, the flame dies, because the flame is produced from the oil. When the oil is gone, the flame must cease completely. Many people believe this is a good analogy for the relationship between the body and the mind. They believe that the body creates the mind, and when the body dies, the mind must also cease. This is a faulty analogy because the mind is not created by the body. The mind IS related to the body, but it is a separate entity which can be distinguished from the body. When the body dies, there is no mechanism to it to interact with the mind, but this is no evidence of the cessation of the mind.

abandoned truckI thought of how when the body dies, it is like the driver stepping out of a broken down car. The car no longer functions – let’s say the battery is completely dead. To say that the mind dies when the body dies is like a technician saying that because the car is non-functional, the driver must be dead. This does not make sense.

I thought about being the driver, leaving the car and walking to my next vehicle. I cannot take anything with me from this life – all I have are the imprints in my mind. Therefore I should work now to create the most positive imprints possible, to avoid creating any negative imprints,  and to purify all the negative imprints which are already there.

With this in mind, I settled on the notion of wanting to engage in the three practices constantly. This also reminded me of my plan to engage in the six perfections throughout the day – which will support this wish. I tried to focus on this wish for the rest of the meditation.


May all living beings practice virtue, and quickly attain enlightenment for the benefit of all.

Practice in the Meditation Break

I will train in the three practices throughout the day.