The purpose of this meditation is to generate the wish to become a Sangha Jewel.

I began by making the appropriate preparations for meditation.

loving lookI then thought about how Sangha are our special spiritual friends. In general, anyone who is keeping the Pratimoksha, Bodhisattva or Trantric vows purely is a Sangha Jewel. Also, anyone who helps others and it a good example to others is a Sangha Jewel.

I thought about how Sangha are essential to my spiritual development. My teacher has travelled from a warm, glamorous and almost god-like realm to a grimy city in the middle of winter. All she does is smile! What an inspiration. I thought about how I need to keep my vows purely, how I need to be a good example, and how I too need to become a Sangha Jewel.

As I thought about these three things, it seemed to me that I did not need to try to be a good example, nor did I need to try to become a Sangha Jewel. It seemed to me that all I need to to is to keep my vows, commitments and precepts purely, and these things will happen anyway. Therefore, I will

  • Not kill
  • Not steal
  • Not lie
  • Not engage in sexual misconduct
  • Not take intoxicants
  • Not allow my practice of training the mind to cause inappropriate behaviour
  • Not allow my practice of training the mind to contradict my vows
  • Not practice training the mind with partiality
  • I will remain natural while changing my aspiration
  • I will not speak about the faults of others
  • I will never think about the faults of others
  • I will purify my pride and anger
  • I will abandon self cherishing
  • I will abandon any hope of results
  • I will recognise delusions as they arise and not follow them
  • I will not retaliate to verbal abuse
  • I will not wait in ambush
  • I will not offend others
  • I will not transfer my faults or burdens onto others
  • I will not misuse Dharma
  • I will not aim at being the first to get the best
  • I will not transform a God into a Demon
  • I will not seek happiness by causing unhappiness to others
  • I will do everything with Bodhichitta motivation
  • I will transform good and bad circumstances into the path to enlighenment
  • I will start with a good motivation, and finish with good dedication
  • I will endure good and bad circumstances whichever arise
  • I will guard my vows and commitments as I do my life
  • I will train in the three difficulties
  • I will practice the three main causes
  • I will be come acquainted with the three non-degenerations
  • I will practice the three inseparables
  • I will train without bias towards the objects
  • I will train deeply and encompass all
  • I will always meditate on special cases
  • I will not rely on other conditions
  • I will train in the principal practice at this time
  • I will not misinterpret
  • I will not be erratic
  • I will train with certainty
  • I will be released by two – investigation and analysis
  • I will not be boastful
  • I will not become angry
  • I will not be unstable
  • I will not expect any gratitude for my efforts.

I thought about these vows and commitments, and it seemed to me that I simply need to take these to heart, and everything else will follow. I focused on this, and developed a lovely simple feeling of the wish to become a Sangha Jewel by keeping my commitments purely. I stayed on this thought for the rest of the meditation.


May all living beings become Sangha Jewels, and quickly attain enlightenment for the benefit of all.

Practice in the Meditation Break

I will try to live by my commitments throughout all my actions.