The purpose of this meditation is to go for refuge in three rounds, and to develop the special feeling of transforming our mind into the actual protection of a Dharma Jewel.

I began by making the appropriate preparations for meditation, and then began the first round of meditation.

I started by imagining that I was very ill, in hospital, lying in a bed. It was night time, and I realised that I was dying. It was a very private and personal experience as I felt my life slipping away. I thought – this is it – this is the end of this life. I felt it as if it were actually happening right now. I focused on the feeling for a while.

three jewelsI then thought about how I would enter my next life as if through a dream – although it would appear as real as this life. I am a pig. My pig face looks like this – my pig body looks and feels like this. This is my home – the floor is mud and covered with urine and excrement  I eat filthy scraps of food from the floor. I can grunt and push, but I cannot communicate much more that this. My pig life goes on until one day I find myself in a place that smells of death. The floor is hard and smells of chemicals. I am suddenly in a room alone with men. I feel my leg being pulled and suddenly I am upside down. I am terrified – I have never felt this before. I am swinging around. Then a man steps in front of me and plunges a knife into my chest. I feel excruciating pain in my chest and throughout my body. Blood pours out of my chest over my face – I can hear it splashing on the ground. Even before I am completely dead, they start to dismember my body. I am slit open and gutted. I am carved and chopped up. Some parts are thrown away. Some are fed to dogs. Others are minced into sausages or cut into chops, wrapped in cellophane and sold in shops. They are taken home and fried and humans eat them.

I thought about these points in the second round of meditation, and I felt horrible. What a dreadful way to live and to die – no spiritual progress at all – just suffering.

I thrn thought about the Three Jewels. Buddha Jewel shows me the way to practice virtue and purify negativity. Sangha Jewel helps me understand and remain on the path. The Dharma Jewel is my actual refuge. I can create Dharma Jewel in my mind, and slowly my mind will become the Dharma Jewel. The Dharma Jewel is the same continuum as my mind. Just as coal is in the same continuum as a diamond, so my black and unclean mind can become a pure, clear jewel. A Dharma Jewel cannot experience suffering, so when my mind becomes a Dharma Jewel, I will not be able to experience suffering – I will be free.

I repeated to myself – through reliance upon the Buddha Jewel and the Sangha Jewel, I can transform my mind into the Dharma Jewel. I focused on this and kept my mind of the feeling of my mind being a pure Dharma Jewel. It felt like I would actually achieve this, and experience complete freedom from suffering. I focused on this feeling for the rest of the meditation.


May all living beings rely upon the Buddha and Sangha Jewels, and transform their minds into the pure Dharma Jewel.

Practice in the Meditation Break

I will try to keep these three rounds of meditation in my mind today, and try to imagine my mind becoming a pure Dharma Jewel, incapable of suffering.