The purpose of this meditation is to generate a recognition of the usefulness of understanding the law of karma.

I began by making the appropriate preparations for meditation, and then started this week’s set of meditations on karma by reminding myself that the law of karma is a special example of the law of cause and effect. Everything is the effect of something that happened beforehand, and the cause of something that happens afterwards. The law of karma is that our past actions are the cause of our current experiences, and that our current actions are the cause of our future experiences.

Statue in rockSometimes, I am tempted by negative actions.

Sometimes they seem so RIGHT.

By bearing in mind the law of karma, we can properly assess the overall benefits and disbenefits of acting in particular ways. Especially if we have studied the ten non-virtuous actions and their results.

Some negative actions seem RIGHT, but it is only because we have delusion and ignorance in our minds, and these two factors distort our decision making process. They only let us see the (usually) short term ‘benefits’ of the action. They hide the long term disbenefits from us, and stop us making a proper, balanced decision. In particular, our ignorance hides the suffering we will experience in future lives, or somehow makes it seem worth it!!

If we can stop and consider the long term disbenefits of acting in non-virtuous ways, we will see that the long term disbenefits far outweigh the short term ‘benefits’. Furthermore, we will be creating a tendancy which is similar to the cause, meaning that when we first break free of automatically committing negative actions, we create the mental pattern of being able to resist negative actions, and it becomes easier in the future. After all, Buddhas do not commit any non-virtuous actions at all – and we want to be Buddhas.

I did alot of contemplation today on this topic, and almost ran out of time to do placement meditation, but I did get a good feel for the intention to always bear in mind the full karmic results of negative actions, and to built the mental habit of resisting non-virtue, no matter how right or pleasurable it may initially appear.


May all living beings begin to see the full consequences of their actions, use meditation to overcome their temptations, and build the mental habits that will lead them quickly to enlightenment.

Practice in the Meditation Break

I will try to spot when I am being carried away by delusion into committing negative actions, and try to consider the full ramifications of my actions before I go too far.