I have had a ridiculous weekend, and although I have been meditating, I have hardly had time to stop, let alone blog.

But I can tell you that yesterday I meditated on the need to understand karma and to listen to Buddhas teachings so that I can purify my karma and experience positive conditions. As I meditated, I began to feel very free. It felt like if I understand karma properly, I will only commit positive actions, and I will be free from delusion, free from suffering, free from obstructions in helping others. It was lovely, and I focused on it for the rest of the meditation.

Today I did a meditation about karma in which I contemplated the rolling nature of my experiences. They are empty of inherent existence and arise out of emptiness. I decided that as my karma arises, I would keep interacting with it in a positive way, and apply a constant positive pressure on my karma. I generated a wish to apply a constant positive pressure on all my actions and thoughts, and in this way I will purify all my negativities, and attain Buddhahood (well that’s the plan anyway!).

I dedicate the merit from these meditations, this post and this blog to the great enlightenment of all living beings.

Thanks for reading 🙂