The purpose of this meditation is to decide on what action to take if we are going to stop asking samsara to provide us with what we want.

I began by making the appropriate preparations for meditation, and then I revisited my conclusions from yesterday.

What is it that we all want, deep down? We all want permanent, perfect happiness and to never experience even the slightest suffering. Samsara, our normal world, cannot provide this. If we understand this, be can let go of the expectation and become free of its tyranny.

I thought about what to do if we abandon samsara – what should be our view?

TransformerI asked myself this question for a while, and slowly an idea formed that I should transform samsara into a pure land. I cannot alter the appearances around me, but I can transform them into causes of bliss. The first step is to stop grasping at appearances as being the external cause of happiness or suffering – they are more like triggers rather than the cause itself. If I view freezing temperatures as not being an inherent cause of suffering, but instead a sign of my past negative actions then instead of feeling discomfort, I can develop the bliss of patient acceptance.

If I experience pleasure in a cup of tea, I can see it is the trigger for the ripening of positive karma. This reminds me to always create positive actions, and gives me the opportunity to experience the bliss of offering nectar to all the Buddhas.

In short, my conclusion was that I need to always transform samsara into a pure land, develop pure minds towards all living beings, and abide in bliss. I focused on this thought, and I felt simultaneously the wish to abandon samsara and the wish to transform it into a pure land. I experienced a very focused mind, filled with freedom and beauty. It was lovely.


May all living beings learn how to transform their conditions into bliss, and quickly attain enlightenment for the benefit of all.

Practice in the Meditation Break

I will transform, transform, transform.