The purpose of this meditation is to see where a mind of equanimity leads.

I began by making the appropriate preparations for meditation, and then visualised the three groups of people in front of me – strangers in the middle and friends and enemies to each side.

honestI dwelt on the strangers and once again noted how my mind felt when I regarded them. My mind felt relaxed and balanced. I have nothing to hide from strangers. I am not drawn to them with desirous attachment and I am not driven away from then with aversion. I am free from strong delusions and I am able to simply enjoy a relaxed state of mind.

With people to whom I am attached, I feel a need. I see them as an external source of happiness, and I want them to give me the happiness they hold. I want them to do things to me that will make me happy. It is a selfish attitude and shameful. I hide this guilty mind, and it causes my mind to become anxious and un-natural.

Similarly, people whom I regard as enemies seem to hold suffering as an intrinsic quality. They ARE suffering. Merely to think of them hurts my mind. I don’t want them near me, and I am filled with aversion. But I cannot run away from them – they are at work, and at my recreation. I bear them and once again, I hide these feelings and I become anxious and un-natural.

But, if I can feel true equanimity towards them in the same way as I feel warm and friendly towards strangers, I can be honest with them because I have nothing to hide. I have no deluded minds – only equanimity. I can be honest with myself and honest with them. Uncomplicated, clear, true – honest. How wonderful to move through life with this relationship with others.

I focused on this feeling, and was gradually transported to a wonderful, clear and peaceful meditative state. When the feeling was strong, I kept it as my object of placement meditation for as long as I could, re-establishing it when it faded.


Through the virtues I have collected here, may I become an enlightened being and quickly lead all other living beings to the same peaceful state.

Practice in the Meditation Break

May I be able to be completely honest with friends, enemies and strangers by moving my mind to a state of complete equanimity towards all living beings.