The purpose of this meditation was to generate a strong feeling of recognizing the kindness of others.

trainI meditated on the train today, as it was the only opportunity I had for a little solitude. I thought about how my journey was completely dependent upon the kindness of others. Thousands of people worked for years to carve the track into the landscape. Heroic and visionary engineers created tunnels, bridges and other breathtaking structures in order to whisk me homeward. Hundreds more work continuously to provide clean, reliable and swift trains running simultaneously across the country.

I thought of all the people who worked so hard so that I could make a simple journey, and meditate in peace. I felt extremely grateful and the feeling of stillness and gratitude stayed with me long after my journey was over.


May all living beings see the kindness of others, and remember it as they progress along the ground and paths.

Practice in the Meditation Break

I will try to remember my gratitude, and keep a warm thought for hero engineers, and other kind living beings.