The purpose of this meditation is once again to equalize ourself with others.

I began by making the appropriate preparations for meditation, and then enjoyed an extra long meditation by starting with a ‘clarity of mind’ meditation.

I let my mind focus on my heart, imagining a pure clarity there. After a while I watched my mind – took a step back – and looked as thoughts arose. Without engaging in them, I observed them rise and then disappear.

Where do these thoughts come from, and where do they go? They arise from my root mind, and they vanish completely because they were just appearances to my mind.

I really enjoyed watching my mind, and slowly the gap between thoughts became longer and longer. I relaxed into the spaces where no thoughts arose, and abided in the clarity of my mind for a while.

After this, I began thinking about equalising myself with others. I thought about my thoughts – where they come from and where do they go. Ultimately, everything I perceive comes from my mind. My awarenesses and the objects of my awarenesses arise and disappear simultaneously.  All the appearances to my mind are mere projections of my mind. My thoughts in meditation are like this, but also, all my appearances in my normal life are like this too.

fennel1The image of all living beings arising from one point formed in my mind. It seemed to me as if living beings were like one plant whose stems appeared above the surface of the ground in different locations, but who were joined deep beneath the surface at one source.

I contemplated this image, and it became clear that all the people I meet all arise from my mind. Likewise, my appearance of self also arises from my mind. My self and others all arise from the same place – they are the same material – the same substance. They are mind, and they are empty of inherent existence.

If myself and others arise from mind, then we are all fundamentally, completely equal.

I settled on this thought of equality. How completely true. How completely beautiful. I remained with this thought for the rest of the meditation.


May all living beings recognise that they and others arise from the same source, and are the same substance, and completely, utterly, equal.

Practice in the Meditation Break

I will try to remember my profound feeling of the equality of myself and others.