The purpose of this meditation is to develop the sincere determination to abandon self-cherishing because it contracts my previous meditations and leads me away from happiness and enlightenment.

I began by making the appropriate preparations for meditation.

i-love-myselfI then started by defining self-cherishing as an attitude which says that I am the most important person and that my happiness and freedom are more important than anyone else’s. This is based on my grasping at the appearance of an inherently existent self – a truly existent self separate from everyone else.

This view is a complete contradiction of my previous meditations where I established that the appearance of friends, enemies and strangers is deceptive, and that far from being separate from them, they have been my very kind mothers in the past. I have established that they and I are equal, and that I should work for their benefit as I work for my own. Self-cherishing is in direct opposition to these views.

I can ask myself – which is the most beneficial to believe? Clearly, it is most beneficial to abandon self-cherishing as a mistaken and very harmful attitude.

On this basis, I repeated to myself ‘I must abandon self-cherishing’ until I had a firm determination to do so. I then focused on it through the rest of the meditation. When the object faded, I renewed it by remembering the negative qualities of self-cherishing.


May all living beings recognise the negative qualities and mistaken nature of self-cherishing, and abandon it completely, and quickly become enlightened beings for the benefit of all.

Practice in the Meditation Break

I will look at my own behaviour and that of others, and when I see self-cherishing at work, I will make a point of identifying if clearly to myself, and renew my determination to abandon it.