The purpose of this meditation is to see where a mind of cherishing others takes us.

I began by making the appropriate preparations for meditation, and then brought to mind a short passage from that most wonderful book, Eight Steps to Happiness.

It is said that there is a magic crystal that has the power to purify any liquid in which it is placed. Those who cherish all living beings are like this crystal – by their very presence they remove negativity from the world and give back love and kindness.

296847_10150565012794657_272366049656_11242154_164728387_nWhat beautiful words.

This was more than enough for me to meditate on today.

I settled my mind on the idea of being like a magic crystal within society. Through the power of my wish to cherish others, I will remove negativity from the living beings around me, and I will fill them with love and kindness.

I repeated to myself – I will cherish you; I will love and help you, and I will support you in any way I can.

After a while this thought naturally transformed into simply – I promise.

I felt that all my cherishing of all living beings for the rest of my life was focused into these two words ‘I promise’, and I kept my full attention on the wish, the promise, for the rest of the meditation. Which was, needless to say, quite blissful.


May all the virtues I have collected in this meditation ripen upon Richard Flanagan, and my all his negativities ripen upon me.

Practice in the Meditation Break

I will try to maintain my belief that I am like a magic crystal, and I will radiate love and kindness towards everyone I see and think of, including you, kind reader x