The purpose of this meditation is to destroy our attachment, anger and pride by exchanging ourself with others.

I began by making the appropriate preparations for meditation, and then settled down to see myself as others see me.

I thought about my family and how I appear to them. Geshe-la says that just because I pretend that I have no faults, it does not stop other people seeing them, and pointing them out! And when they do, I think that they are being unfair!

I often dish out advice to my family about the faults of anger, or how happiness cannot be found through attachment to worldly pleasures. I thought about this, and how I am often angry and I am often attached to food and my own wishes. What must they think of me?

They look at me and think: ‘There he goes again. Talking about the faults of anger when he himself gets angry. Here is is trying to tell us about not getting attached, when there he goes, eating for no reason. What a hypocrite!’

I thought about this and imagined strongly how my family see me. How right they are that I am a hypocrite!

Thailand, AyuthayaI decided that I need to bring my aspirations into my life much more. I need to abandon anger, not just talk about abandoning anger. I need to abandon attachment, not just talk about abandoning attachment. I need to abandon pride, not just talk about abandoning pride.

As I thought about this, I felt my anger, attachment and pride leave me. I felt completely free of these delusions and free from hypocrisy. I felt relaxed – no need to preach to others – just live my life in peace. I focused on this feeling, and let myself become very familiar with it. It was beautiful. I concentrated on it for the rest of the meditation.


May all living beings find purity in abandoning all faults for no other reason than the benefit of others.

Practice in the Meditation Break

I still have the pure feeling of being free from anger, attachment and pride as I write. I will try to keep it in mind throughout the day.