The purpose of this meditation is to explore the consequences of exchanging myself with others – specifically a haughty person who is superior to myself in terms of achievement, power and authority. (This is a meditation technique which is described as being rather odd to read about, and only really makes any sense when you do it.)

black outline haloI began by making appropriate preparations, and then started by imagining taking on the identity of a superior, haughty person, regarding my former self with disdain. I thought ‘This little Bodhisattva is inferior to me in terms of achievement, power, knowledge, wealth and position. I will use my position to take away his resources and comfort. I will make sure he loses almost everything, and has just enough to live by.’

I continued to think in these terms, and imagined what would be an appropriate response from my former self’s part. It seemed to me that my superior’s actions were beneficial to me.

I will have to face losing all my resources when I die, so it does not really matter if I lose them during my life. I strive to be unattached to worldly concerns, and this person is helping me achieve this. If someone else can take everything I hold precious, then how foolish it is to pin my happiness upon these possessions!

I thought about this, and felt that through having all my possessions taken, I am freed to practice purely. I focused on this feeling of pure practice for the rest of the meditation.


May all living beings overcome attachment, and practice purely to achieve the ultimate supreme goal.

Practice in the Meditation Break

I will try to remember renunciation, or non-attachment for material possessions today, and see them as traps to prevent my spiritual progress.