The purpose of this meditation is to generate a feeling, a really strong feeling of wishing for happiness for all living beings.

happy faceI began the meditation by making the appropriate preparations, and then I started by remembering that all living beings are my kind mother. They have been so very kind to me – I thought about this for a while, and felt a natural warm and affectionate feeling develop towards them.

I then thought about how their happiness is important. They struggle every day to find happiness but happiness eludes them.

I began wishing that they could find happiness and I began to feel like I was lifting them somehow – lifting them towards happiness. I imagined how wonderful it would be if they could all experience true happiness for the rest of lives, and for all their future lives.

I focused on this feeling, which was very profound and enjoyable, for the rest of the meditation. When I lost my concentration, I went back to my contemplation of wishing them to be happy, and when the feeling arose again, I focused on it once more.


May all living beings find perfect happiness, and become enlightened beings.

Practice in the Meditation Break

I will try to remember my wish for everyone to be happy.