The purpose of this meditation is to practice the mental activity of giving. In this meditation we imagine that we fulfil our wish for all living beings be experience happiness by directly giving them happiness.

I began the meditation by making the appropriate preparations, and then settled down to clear my mind by following a clarity of mind meditation. I brought my centre of awareness down to my heart, and imagined myself at the centre of an infinitely large ocean. The water was completely clear – clearer than a clear sky, clearer than a clean mirror – completely clear, in a different way from physically clear.  I focused on being in this ocean of clarity and let thoughts rise and fall away. I imagined that these thoughts were like bubbles in the ocean. Bubbles come from below, pass by me, and then disappear upwards, into the clarity of mind.

After a while, my mind felt completely still, completely clear. I remained in this peace for a while, before moving on.

AvalokiteshvaraI then thought about my wish for everyone to be happy. I thought about my previous meditations, where I so desperately wished for all living beings to find true happiness. I let the wish manifest once more, and then imagined my body slowly transforming into a wish fulfilling jewel, like that held by Avalokiteshvara at his heart.  I imagined light rays radiating from my jewel body and touching all living beings, filling them with happiness. I felt joined to them all in happiness – Universal Happiness. I let the happiness flood into my heart, and kept it in my attention for the rest of the meditation.

Needless to say, I am going to enjoy this week of meditations on giving 🙂


May all living beings experience pure happiness, and quickly become enlightened for the sake of all.

Practice in the Meditation Break

I will remember my wish for everyone to experience pure happiness, and imagine light rays joining us in pure happiness.