The purpose of this meditation is to generate a strong feeling of being one with our Spiritual Guide.

I began by making the appropriate preparations for meditation and then, as it is my Spiritual Guide’s birthday (Happy Birthday dear Geshe-la 🙂 ) I made a special effort to focus on mixing my mind with his at my heart.

jtkI settled my mind first by focusing on clarity, tranquility and bliss at my heart. When my mind was settled, I thought of the special qualities of Je Tsongkhapa – he is the perfection of wisdom – he sees everything as it is, non-deceptively – truly and clearly. He is the perfection of compassion – he has perfect blissful compassion and love for every single living being. And he is the perfection of concentration which is the essential quality which enables the destruction of all delusions.

I concentrated on the feeling of mixing my Spiritual Guide’s wisdom and compassion with my own mind at my heart.

Wisdom and Compassion are like the two wings of a bird that will enable us to fly to enlightenment. Without one or the other, this journey is impossible, and with an imbalance between them, the journey is impossible. I focused on the idea of wisdom and compassion being equal and held in complete balance by perfect concentration, all perfectly tranquil.

As I focused on this I was filled with a very special blissful feeling of my root mind being mixed with the special qualities of my Spiritual Guide, and I felt that this is who I really am.

I had an image of putting my arms into fast flowing water and reaching down to a place where the water was still, and holding a perfectly smooth stone which filled both my hands. The surface layers of the water represented my normal conditions – all movement and disturbance. But under the surface, deep down, there is a stillness and a tranquility that I need to relate to as my real me. Empty of inherent existence, but nevertheless, my true identity.

I focused on this self – wisdom, compassion, concentration, balance and bliss, and let the feeling completely fill my perceptions, so I mixed with it. And all the while recognising that I was mixed with the emptiness of my Spiritual Guide.

It was wonderful, and matched the beautiful blue morning today.

Happy Birthday Geshe-la. May you live for a very long time, and continue to send down a rain of blessings and holy Dharma to the beings of this world.


May all living beings find their true self, in their heart, with their spiritual guide.

Practice in the Meditation Break

I will continue to identify with the smooth rock at the bottom of the stream, tranquil and still.