The purpose of this meditation is to become familiar with the fact that there is no coming and no going.

I began by making the appropriate preparations for meditation, and then I recalled the instruction from Modern Buddhism in relation to the extremes of coming and going. When someone comes to us we believe an inherently existent person comes. And when they go, we naturally grasp at an inherently existent person going.

CloudThe person we grasp at depends on many factors, such as their parts and their previous moments. Because of this dependence, they cannot be truly independent or inherently existent. In fact, the person we grasp at completely lacks any substance whatsoever. So what do we perceive when someone comes, and someone goes? We perceive a mere appearance imputed by conception. These appearances are manifestations of our karma. They do not come or go, they merely appear in dependence upon causes, and they disappear when the causes for their continued appearance cease.

I thought about how there is no coming and no going. I felt very still and stable, like all the movement in the universe had stopped. The person does not come from anywhere and does not go anywhere. They are like a cloud which manifests in the sky  in dependence upon conditions, and lasts as long as those conditions last.

I focused on this line of thought, and when a beautiful feeling of stillness and lack of inherent existence of the person arose, I focused on it with strong concentration, stopping my thought processes. When my mind started to chatter again, I reminded myself to stop analysing, and just to rest in the feeling. It was very moving and the opposite at the same time.


May all living beings abide in peace, and accept the coming and going of persons with equanimity – using it to evidence the lack of inherent existence of all phenomena.

Practice in the Meditation Break

I will try to look upon persons as lacking in inherent existence, and arising from causes and conditions.