Today I had a blissful train journey down to London. While everyone else was flicking through heaps of papers or busily texting their friends, I just sat quietly in my seat for the whole journey.

I began by meditating on the emptiness of the train. I tried to find the train that I had just boarded and sat down in. At the station I had seen the train arrive. Before I started meditating I was in the train. But now I look for the train I cannot find it. There is no train, only seats and windows and passengers. For a while, I focused on the mere appearance of the train. And then I focused on the emptiness of the train and was filled with the feeling of peace. (I also thought about no travelling, no moving, no coming, no going, no meeting and no parting).

After a while my mind had calmed down and I decided to try and make sense of the recent events in my life. My kind teacher has moved on and I don’t think we will be together again. What will I do without my teacher?

Then I thought of Atisha’s advice to always rely on a happy mind alone.

What is this happy mind? It is surely an mind filled with love; love for all living beings. I love all living beings and I want them to be happy and free from suffering. In order to achieve this I must become a Buddha.

I decided that a happy mind this a mind which has Bodhichitta and is not deceived by false appearances.

I focused my attention on the wish to become a Buddha for the benefit of all and the emptiness of all phenomena. It was very joyful and very peaceful. It was definitely a mind to rely upon and take refuge in.

Before long we arrived in London and I spent the rest of my journey (on escalators and in tube trains) looking at other people and generating love and remembering their emptiness. I loved every minute.


May all beings generate minds of bliss and emptiness, and quickly gain freedom, for the benefit of all.

Practice in the meditation break

I will continue to generate Bodhichitta throughout the day, and remember the emptiness of all phenomena.