The purpose of this meditation is to familiarise ourselves with the true nature of phenomena – their emptiness of inherent existence.

I began by making the appropriate preparations for meditation, and then brought to mind the way in which things normally appear to me. They appear real and independent of my mind. If I leave a room and then go back in, I see the same things. When I am out of the room, and I think about what is in the room, the things that appear are mental images. just appearanceAt this point, it is clear that they are images appearing to my mind, appearing because I am deliberately thinking about them. But when I re-enter the room, these objects seem to appear by themselves, without me thinking about them. This is not true. While I am in the room, these objects have no more reality that when I am out of the room thinking about them.

The objects I normally see are just appearances – wafer thin and insubstantial. They are created by my mind, and exist only as projections of my mind.

I focused on this idea that the objects I normally see are just appearances. I settled on this thought and I felt a very tranquil understanding that all the things that normally make me upset or excited are nothing more than images, like a fictional play on the television. They seem so real, but they are just appearances. This realisation will set me free – I focused on it for the rest of the meditation.


May all living beings realise that everything they normally see are just appearances, arising out of their emptiness and inseprable from it.

Practice in the Meditation Break

The most blissful practice of all – sustaining the recognition that normal appearances are just illusions, and not being taken in by this falsehood.