The purpose of this meditation is to develop the strong wish to become liberated from the cycle of suffering described by the diagram of the Wheel of Life.

I began by making the appropriate preparations for meditation and then contemplated the diagram of the Wheel of Life. At the centre there is Ignorance, Attachment and Anger. Ignorance drives the wheel of life causing actions motivated by anger or attachment. We take rebirth within the six realms of suffering, and the twelve dependent related links of samsara describe the method by which this happens.

I contemplated this wheel. It is like a description in a guide book. I thought about how it could be possible to not know where you are. Perhaps you have always lived in a small village and never known what country you are in, or where in the world you are located. Then someone gives you a guide book and it describes where you are perfectly. It says there is a mountain to the north – and there is. It says there is a sea to the south – and there is. It says there is a river to the west, and there is. You realise that the guide describes where you are perfectly. So there is no reason to doubt that the locations described in the rest of the guide are also true and accurate.

In the same way, we can see our own situation in the human realm described in the diagram of the Wheel of Life. The motivations we feel and the sufferings we experience are all described perfectly. We can think ‘yes – this diagram is right – I am in the human realm just as described’. We can also understand that there is no reason to doubt that the rest of the diagram is correct too.

Wheel of Life scan BuddhaI remembered by previous meditations on the sufferings of the six realms, and then called to mind that Buddha stands outside the Wheel of Life altogether. He stands pointing at the moon, which represents true cessations. His gesture states that he has attained true cessations and is thus free from the cycle of suffering. He indicates that we can also attain true cessations and free ourselves from our own samsara. I thought about this, and I developed a sincere wish to attain true cessations.  I want to train in the three difficulties of identifying my delusions, overcoming them temporarily through the method practices, and then finally destroying them completely through the practice of wisdom.

I focused on the wish to destroy my delusions (especially self-grasping ignorance) and become like Buddha, in the state beyond sorrow. This was my object of meditation, and it filled me with peace and purpose. I focused on it for the rest of the meditation session.


May all living beings practice the three difficulties, and quickly attain the state beyond sorrow.

Practice in the Meditation Break

I will try to remember my wish to identify, temporarily overcome and finally destroy all my delusions.