The purpose of this meditation is to generate the intention to practice Dharma purely so that we can attain freedom from the sufferings of samsara.

I began by making the appropriate preparations for meditation and then contemplated the sufferings of the six realms of samsara as depicted in the diagram of the Wheel of Life. So much suffering.

Wheel of Life scan 6 realms doorI thought about how long I may have left in this life, in this human body with all its advantages. I thought about all the time I waste when I should be thinking about virtue. I thought about the consequences of my actions, and how when I die I will have to face the results of my negative activities.

And finally I thought about how to bring the cycle of suffering to an end. There is a way. If I realise the true nature of things then I will see that the whole edifice was an illusion, and I will be free from all suffering and sorrow.

The door through which we leave samsara is emptiness. I thought about this and it seemed like I needed to create this door so that I could walk through it. I thought about my body being like a set of oil paints and brushes, and my actions as being the way in which I use them. At the moment I am not paying any attention to how I use my body and mind, and consequently the picture I am painting is a mess. But if I learn to use the paint and brushes skillfully, I can paint over the mess with a beautiful picture of a blessed door. I can create the door to nirvana and then walk through it. If I think about my actions on a moment by moment basis, and suffuse my actions with renunciation and bodhichitta, I will be able to paint my door of emptiness, and once it is clear enough, I will walk through it.

I imagined slowly painting my door, and then walking through it to nirvana. I want to do this so much! I developed the strong with to definitely use all my time and my actions to create the door of emptiness at the centre of my life, and then to walk through it when it is clear enough. This is what I will do.

This was the object of my meditation today, and I held it with strong focus for the rest of the session.


May all living beings awaken their inner artist, and through the paint and brushes of their body and mind, may they create the ultimate masterpiece – the door to liberation – in their lives, and seeing its perfect clarity, pass through it to nirvana.

Practice in the Meditation Break

I will remember I am working on my masterpiece, and that its creation is more important than anything else in my life.