The purpose of this meditation is to develop the wish to perfect our moral discipline, concentration and wisdom with the motivation of renunciation.

I began by making the appropriate preparations for meditation, and then started by once again contemplating the diagram of the Wheel of Life. I remembered that the whole thing starts with my mind being afflicted with self-grasping ignorance. From there I create the actions which lead me deeper into samsara.

What is this samsara? It is suffering. It is manifest suffering of headaches, cancer and heartbreak. It is the changing suffering of the reduction in pain that feels somehow like happiness. And it is the pervasive suffering that is in the fabric of my body and my environment.

holiday beachI felt as though I saw samsara for what it is – a continual process of grinding suffering. We all work so hard to find happiness, but there is no happiness to be found in this swamp of samsara. I am going on holiday today (to see if the water tastes like what it ought’a, in fact) and I thought of all the other holiday makers spending money to go somewhere to find a little happiness. But there is no true lasting happiness to be found. The very nature of a holiday is that it is a temporary release. How can there be any real satisfaction in two week’s release from our normal troubles? The only way it can be satisfactory is if we practice a massive self-deception and forget that it will end. Is this not like what we are doing anyway? We try to forget our worries and forget that we will die, and continue making the best of samsara, ignoring the truth – that it is a swamp of suffering.

I thought about all these things and developed great joy that I can escape this swamp and attain the firm ground of nirvana. I need to develop my moral discipline, because this will pacify all my outer problems. I need to develop my concentration because this will pacify all my inner problems such as distractions, and I need to develop my wisdom realising emptiness. All these three are mutually supportive and complementary. I focused on the wish to develop my moral discipline, concentration and wisdom so that I can escape samsara, and kept this wish for the rest of the blissful meditation.


May all living beings see the way to attain the firm ground of nirvana is to develop the three virtues of moral discipline, concentration and wisdom with a wish to escape the sufferings of samsara, and may they be swift in their success.

Practice in the Meditation Break

I will try to remember my moral discipline, my concentration and my wisdom realising emptiness, and I will try to take a step closer to liberation today.