The purpose of this meditation was to encourage myself to concentrate throughout the day so that meditation will be more productive.

ShantidevaBI began by making the appropriate preparations for meditation and then started by thinking about something that occurred to me yesterday. I spend most of my time in the meditation break, performing work tasks. Instead of viewing these tasks as dead time, I can transform them into a spiritual practice by maintaining good concentrations throughout. Normally I try to switch off as much as possible, but this is just training my mind to switch off during meditation too!

I decided that I will identify a beginning and an end to all the tasks I carry out in the day, and remain mindful of the task while I am doing it. At the end I will dedicate my virtues of becoming familiar with concentration and mindfulness to the benefit of all living beings,

I focused on this wish for the rest of the meditation, and it was wonderful to feel like I can transform all my actions into the spiritual path, when normally I think that work is separate from the spiritual path.


May all living beings develop pure concentration and follow the path to enlightenment to its end.

Practice in the meditation break

For all my tasks, before I start, I will identify the beginning and the end, and I will remain mindful throughout the task of the beginning and the end, and the fact that I am performing then task.  At the end I will dedicate and rejoice.